Our first greenery experimental bio-greenhouse, was built in Novosibirsk in late 2017, as well as our first mini vertical farm.

We have prioritized vertical farms for growing fast-term crops like strawberries, lettuce and herbs. The main advantage of vertical farming is the ability to use a footprint of land more productively as apposed to traditional greenhouses.

So we've built two more vertical farms of 500m² with grocery stores.

Our team has grown from 3 co-founders to 28 of the brightest experts.

More than 500 people became interested in our technology leaving applications through the website from around the world.
How it started
We will launch another project of 3000m² in Novosibirsk, Russia and 100m²-500m² in Moscow in early 2019, along with the European Pilot Project.
What's happening now

Once it's picked, we deliver it
to the local restaurants and supermarkets

We focus on vertical farming as we are
100% sure of its efficiency

We're improving on our software and
hardware, constructing brand-new
We expect to combine vertical and
greenery farming technologies

We grow both tasty and healthy products

We are in discussions with investors
and partners over launching new projects

We care about crops: we select crop varieties for quality and taste; we grow vegetables without pesticides, antibiotics and ESL
We care about community: locally produced vegetables, harvested at the best time for consumption without long storage and transportation.

We care about nature: effective and safe use of land, water and energy due to the latest technology. Low waste due to just-in-time production, avoiding storage/transportation losses, own processing.

Our Values
We care about constant improvement:
we make data driven decisions and act fast.
Meet Our Team
We gathered the best team to make
an agricultural revolution: experienced serial entrepreneurs, engineers, modern farmers, agricultural scientists, construction and sales managers.

Alexander Lyskovsky
«It's essential to ensure ou clients in the safety of produce grown»
Serial technology entrepreneur, became a winner of the "Groundbreaker of the year" nomination in annual Man of the Year Awards, hosted by business press "DelovoyKvartal".
Founder of
Alawar and Welltory.
Maxim Chizhov
Executive Director
«We develop innovations that allow growing healthy food wherever you live»
Development expert of Lean Startup method. Founder of
IISCI and Virtuality club.
Konstantin Ulianov
Business Development
and Strategy
«iFarm is a new technology company that keeps ahead of already existing solutions»
Experienced construction and production manager. About 100 energy-efficient buildings
are behind his belt.

Dmitry Tarasov
Sales Executive
«We are going to launch our online store for people to get our
produce easily».

Got a master degree in Radio
engineering, NSTU. Did powerlifting for some years
and got Candidate Master of
Sports degree.

Natalia Smirnova
Agricultural scientist
«Our growing practice lets plants give us all the best»
Ph.D., Biology. Did fieldwork
in agrochemical scientific
organizations of Germany
and Japan.
Ruslan Provotorov
Agricultural scientist
«My goal is to grow tasty greens all year round, optimizing and automating processes at the same time»
Had been working for 8 years
in Nornikel computer centre,
having hydroponics
as a hobby. Launched his own
website "Hydroponics for
everyone" in 2008.
Pavel Zeeman
Head of R&D Department
«Our solutions significantly reduce the running cost of greenhouses and vertical farms»
Got a master degree in Radio engineering, NSTU. Did powerlifting for some years and got Candidate Master of Sports degree.

Yuri Fedorov
Head of IFarm Europe
Financial executive and independent consultant. G-Core Labs, Job Today, Alawar, Almaz Capital, Hewlet-Packard
Alexey Novokreshchenko
Head of Automation
«Reliability and intelligence of automation systems is the basis of modern production
More than 10 years in the field of industrial automation. Leader, integrator of engineering team of software and hardware developers.
Head of Construction Department
«The construction, installation and maintenance of each object are carried out as soon as possible using the highest quality and efficient materials»
Professional builder, graduated from NGASU (Sibstrin). In the iFarm team since the beginning of the foundation, he manages construction and installation work.
Localized approach
We place our farms in proximity to or inside a city as opposed to constructing large remote farms. It's our modern view
of agriculture, where logistics costs can be reduced down
to zero.

High productivity
Our vertical farms are designed to fit easily into existing urban infrastructure. They are perfect for any space with a properly functioning drain system and access to cold water. We do not utilize crop protection chemicals, use 75% less manure and 90% less water, compared to traditional farms.
Fast scaling with a distributed manufacturing system
All our farms are connected to a single IT system which controls seeding time, growing conditions and orders coordination.
The system allows our clients to order a variety of crops
in geographically distributed locations trough a single fast
and convenient interface.
Customised solution
We are open to many options in assortment. With our IT system and modular structure of facilities, we can produce lots of different crops.
High scalability
We can reach international markets, sell and supply our solutions as the units are modular, compact, and iFarm Project automation system has a great replicability, it works independently and requires minimal service.
Development Strategy
iFarm technology is international market-focused. We expect starting solution export to partners in Canada, USA, Europe, Middle East and others since 2019.
Our Partners
iFarm in Numbers

requests for purchasing our solution

Documents & certificates
Partnership with Russian State
Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev
Agricultural Academ

Partnership with Institute of Soil
Science and Agrochemistry

National Organic Union

Our Awards

Winner of Innovation Projects Award, hosted by Siberian Venture Fair within International Forum of Technological Development "TECHNOPROM 2018"
iFarm CEO, Alexander Lyskovsky became a winner in nomination of "Groundbreaker of the year" in annual Man of the Year Awards, hosted by business press " Delovoy Kvartal ".
Winner of special MUF LAB award, we became a Russia representative in Denmark
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