iFarm Membrane 500
iFarm Membrane 500


Fits for plant industry.
Floor space: from 500 m2.
Arched construction made of galvanized metal. Roof and sides are covered with Plastika Kritis polyethylene thermic film (Greece). 7-layer technology, with a new system for avoiding the formation of droplets on the surface of a greenhouse
film, creates environment with warm air and constant pressure. Sidewalls are covered with cellular polycarbonate 10 mm thick.

The greenhouse allows automated all-year growing
of tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. Construction was designed in view of weather conditions in European part
of Russia, Siberia and Far East. May be localized
if requested by a customer.

Pros and cons
+ Cheap materials
+ Easy to install
+ High energy efficiency
+ May be disassembled and relocated
- Water and snow can be found between dividers
(derivation and heating are needed)
- Difficulties in indoor systems installation
- Constant keeping of pressure in layers, chance of film

- Bored piles with Rostwerkon the edges

Technical characteristics
- Section width – 9.6 m
- Section length – any that is oddly even to 2.5
- Number of sections – any, divided microclimatic areas
are possible
- Dividing in several microclimatic areas
- Prime power of 60 kW is needed

Delivery times
within Russian Federation - 1 month with 100%
in advance payment
Installation times: 2 months at the client's construction site

iFarm Membrane 500
Pricing: 226 600 euro (2 266 euro per square meter)
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