iFarm Sсhuco Module 100
iFarm Sсhuco Module 100


Gorgeous. Expensive. Aluminum structure systems made in Germany. This type of greenhouse will catch aesthete's
fancy, who value beauty and eco-friendliness. May be attached to any building.

The greenhouse allows automated all-year growing of tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. Construction was designed in view of weather conditions in
European part of Russia, Siberia and Far East. May be localized if requested by a customer.

Pros and cons
+ Two different microclimatic areas (cucumbers and tomatoes growing adapted)
+ Modern and attractive minimalistic look
- The most expensive solution
- Heavy weight due to glass fixing
- Pricing depends on currency
- Long delivery times
- Specialized crew
- Expensive final structuren

- Spread footing
- Concrete slab
- Metal framing with insulants

Technical characteristics
- Floor space (wind porch included) – 12m*6m
- Construction weight - 6000kg (no beds and water storage included)
- Prime power of 15 kW is needed
- Dividing in several microclimatic areas

Pricing: on request

iFarm Sсhuco Module 100
Pricing: on request
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