iFarm Roof Construction
iFarm Roof Construction

Installing a greenhouse on a roof always seems unusual and interesting. We customize the design
for a building. Prime customers are shopping malls, business centres, residential complexes and townhouses during the construction. This type of greenhouse is to be energy efficient, and have fire suppression system.

The greenhouse allows automated all-year growing of tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers within organic method. Construction was designed in view of weather conditions in European part of Russia, Siberia and Far East.

Pros and cons
+ Several microclimatic areas
+ Selling fresh products from any part of your city
+ Extra gain from farm tours
- No constant electric power
- Difficulties in coordination with authorities
- Difficult construction conditions
- Specialized crew
- Additional roof weight is not provided by design
- Difficulties in roof screw installation

- Metal framing with insulants

Technical characteristics
- Construction weight – from 4000 kg (no beds and water storage included)
- Prime power of 15 kW is needed

Pricing: on request

Delivery times
5-6 months, project design – 1 month at least

iFarm Roof Construction
Pricing: on request
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