iFarm Module 100
iFarm Module 100


Basic LSTC module. Floor space: 94 m2.
Easy to install, looks neat and nice – can be placed
within the city or on the roof. The main advantage is fast scalability (floor space may be expanded in a day). Different
microclimatic indoor areas. May be disassembled and relocated.

Pros and cons
+ Light-weight steel construction
+ Little weigh load
+ Different microclimatic indoor areas
+ Fresh and attractive minimalistic look
+ May be disassembled and relocated
- More expensive than farm building

- Spread footing
- Concrete slab
- Metal framing with insulants

Technical characteristics
- Framing weight - 2200 kg
- Construction weight - 4000 kg
(no beds and water storage included)
- Prime power of 15 kW is needed
- Dividing in several microclimatic areas

Delivery times
within Russian Federation - 2 months with 100%
in advance payment
Installation times: 1.5 month at the client's construction site

iFarm Module 100
Pricing: 50 650 euro (506,5 euro per square meter)
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