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Are you ready to invest in vertical farming: a high-growth trend?

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Thinking about starting a business on growing vegetables, berries and greens all year-round?

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Are you interested in buying the freshest vegetables, berries and greens all year round?
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Financial partner
iFarm is developing an innovative vertical farms for growing fresh vegetables, berries and greens by attracting private and banking investor funds. We are looking for private investors and propose to become our partner.
The investments will be used for purchasing and launching of iFarm equipment, arrangement of workplaces, certification, hiring of the staff, purchasing all the materials needed.

You can invest either in one stage of vertical farm set-up or in the whole produce cycle.

Operation scheme and producing flow chart:

iFarm trading house manages crop selection on each farm and buys the yield on pre-arranged price, that provides investments payback and profit for investors according to locality and produce area. The payback period is 2,5 – 3,5 years.

The trading house is covering expenses for logistics of the final products, its returns, crop selection and yield.
Ready to invest in farming?

Start your own business dedicated to growing vegetables and greens all year round in any place of the world! We promise your vertical farm or greenhouse could be the next step toward making our technology a force for economic and environmental good in your location and all over this planet.

We bring vertical farming to the next level of productivity within less environmental impact and zero risk; so you can enjoy local organic, pesticide-free food all year round. We share information and technologies for you to start business, produce and sell the products successfully.

Technology partner
Ready to become a farmer with us?

Retail & HORECA
You can purchase the freshest vegetables and greens all year-round from our farms. They are located in Novosibirsk. Produce is available for pickup, at partner's shops or you can order a delivery. There are special types of partnership.
We offer our new product - automated module for growing greens and strawberry indoor restaurant or café. The growing module provides not only the best conditions for greens storage, but it helps plants to recover after delivery, to grow to larger size and enrich its taste. Your clients will love it!
Such shops as: Kalina-Malina agroshops, Bahetle homemade food chain and Novosibirsk Marriott Hotel are interested in our growing modules.
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